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This eye contour cream contains powerful second-generation hyaluronic acid and glucosyl hesperidine. An intensive cure against wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, and lines on the lip area. It has a smoothing, redensifying and draining action. Visible results after 21 days of regular use. Preservative-free, suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin.

Hyalu-Serum 2.3® Eye Contour Crème eye cream contains concentrated hyaluronic acid and alpha glucosyl hesperidine, a bioflavonoid with antioxidant properties that helps enhance dull complexion and microcirculation. It does not contain any preservatives or other unnecessary ingredients that could stress the skin, which means Hyalu-Serum 2.3® Eye Contour is suitable for sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin.

Designed especially for the sensitive area around the eyes and lips, it works effectively against wrinkles and dark circles.
Total skin osmo-affinity: 96,00% PHYSIO-COMPATIBLE formula!
VERY minimalist formula
Visible results after 21 days of regular use.


• from 30 years. No age limit
• Fine or deep lines around the eyes or mouth
• Expression wrinkles in these same areas
• Very dehydrated and dry skin
• Intolerant and reactive skin
• Before aesthetic surgery, lasers, peelings.
• As a healing treatment after these procedures
• As a complementary treatment with glycerol mesolift
• As a complementary treatment with injectable HA fillers


Apply twice daily after cleansing.
Collect a drop of serum by squeezing the tube vertically, holding the canula down. Massage in lightly under the eyes. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before applying make-up.


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