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This youth anti-dark spot serum brightens, clarifies, evens out the complexion and diminishes dark spots.

Institut Esthederm Esthe-White System Brightening Youth Anti-Dark Spots Serum 30ml is a serum that resets transparency and evens skin tone.

This youth anti-dark spots serum acts in several actions:
• Corrects dark spots: Hypopigmentaline Technology acts at all levels of the pigmentation process, providing a comprehensive solution in terms of evenness, clarity and radiance of the complexion.
• Restores transparency: Marine EPS, a pure and natural molecule, acts like a biological blur. It gradually fades irregular texture and dark marks that mar the brightness of the complexion, and it smooths the skin.
• Evens: Carnosine, a powerful antioxidant and anti-glycation ingredient, prevents yellowing of the complexion which appears with time and overexposure to the sun.

From 8 weeks, results are visible: the dark spots diminish, the skin regains a luminous and uniform complexion.


1. Apply to face and neck at morning and/or evening on clean and dry skin.
2. Use alone or combined with other Esthe-White care for optimum brightening efficacy.




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