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Overnight regeneration – for a unified and brightened complexion.

Since night is the best moment for natural skin repair, Bioderma Pigmentbio Night Renewer boosts cell renewal and collagen production for a plump and brightened skin in the morning.

Pigmentbio Night Renwer features LUMIREVEAL™ TECHNOLOGY, inspired by the leading treatments used by dermatologists, to effectively correct dark spots.
– It helps to reduce melanin production
– It limits inflammation to prevent new spots formation linked with skin damage
– It boosts cell renewal to promote the elimination of existing dark spots and unify the complexion.

LUMIREVEAL™ TECHNOLOGY is enriched with a cocktail of vitamins that boost the brightening action and protect the skin barrier:
– VITAMINS C AND E protect skin from pollution, UVA/UVB, and oxidative stress which trigger premature skin ageing, the first signs being dark spots
– VITAMIN PP strengthens the skin barrier and brings a lasting hydration to the skin.

In addition, Pigmentio Night Renewer contains a specific active ingredient that boosts collagen production to improve skin’s elasticity.

Its sensorial silky mask texture forms a protective layer which retains water and has a continuous action all night long.

• Boosts cell renewal
• Corrects dark spots
• Restores skin’s brightness and uniformity
• Improves skin’s firmness
• Smooths fine lines

Product +:
Its watery sleeping mask texture brings freshness, to awake with a brighten and rested skin.

Efficacy measured by dermatologists :
+ 52% brightness1
+ 43% firmness

Efficacy approved by users, after only one week :
91%  evened complexion2
96% plumped skin

(1) Evaluation of anti-spot efficacy under dermatological supervision after 8 weeks Dermscan Tunisia study, no. 16E1900 – March 2017
(2) 7-day use tests under dermatological supervision IEC study AS1611311RD-F – October 2016 – South Africa


Apply in the evening to face and neck after cleansing with Pigmentbio H2O or Pigmentbio Foaming Cream. 


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