BIODERMA Photoderm MAX Tinted Cream SPF 50+ 40ml


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A MAXIMUM tinted photoprotection cream that stimulates the skin’s self-defence systems. SPF 50+ / UVA 37 .

Suitable use for skin with hypo-pigmentation and hyperpigmentation due to its tint camouflaging action. Photoderm Max Tinted Cream SPF 50+ safely protects against sunburn, prevents sun intolerance reactions and combats premature skin aging. In addition to its surface UVA/UVB protective activity (filtering systems), Photoderm MAX offers real internal biological protection: Cellular Bioprotection™. This exclusive patent preserves and stimulates the skin’s defenses (immunity) during sun exposure. Its smooth creamy texture and tinted formula guarantee a bright, even complexion. Fragrance-free, Paraben-free, Water-resistant, Photostable, Non-comedogenic, Hypoallergenic.


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